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  New class on Wednesdays from 7 pm to 8:15 pm. Limited batch size. If you want to learn self-defense, handling tough situations, become strong and fit, join Seido Karate. A traditional Japanese martial art form.
Call us today for free trial class, joining/admission, corporate and institutional self defense sessions. Contact Kyoshi Rahul – 9818399388 (after 6 pm from Mon–Fri and 10 am to 8 pm on Sat). Sunday closed.

Classes now open to students 6 years old and above. Join today!

karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class

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karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class
karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class
Seido Karate India
Seido Karate India
Student's Speak
karate martial arts physical fitness self defense class
physical fitness self defense classes club noida delhi ncr

The journey of SEIDO Karate NOIDA Dojo, according to me, can best be described when I choose to call it a 'Pilgrim's Progress'.

A Pilgrim is any person who walks the path in search of something and while he seeks to attain his goal, in the path he stumbles, learns things and gathers new experiences. These learning and experiences enrich his persona and thus contribute to the progresses he made on his entourage. Similarly a Karateka, while on his path to attain the deepest secrets and expertise in the art, learns many things which also add up to his progress. It is for this reason that I call this journey a Pilgrim's Progress.

Though I have been into the SEIDO system for only past 2 months, yet from my own previous endevours with other types of martial arts, and also from the observation of the my teacher Sensei Rahul, Senpai Shaurya, and all the others in the dojo.

I have realized the NOIDA dojo has 'progressed' in at least three ways, amongst others.

  1. When any person joins any martial arts school, be it a child, or any adult, somewhere in his heart hopes and longs to be 'Bruce Lee' from day one. This feeling might be more prominent in children and less so in adults but I am sure that it's present in all of us - even I hoped the same too. Yet when we start practicing and go deeper into the system, we find that it's not easy at all to become what we thought on day one and because of this many people often get disheartened and give up martial arts. In contrast to this, in NOIDA dojo, I have seen the grooming happen in such a way that karatekas realize that it's only through tremendous effort and unfailing practice can we get there. Also, I have seen students here, who had to appear for their 'Belt grade' exams, yet they themselves did not do so because they judge themselves and realize that this is not the right time to move further up in the system, but need to strengthen their current grounds further.

    This acceptance and the feeling of it is the first progress as here a student has learnt to be humble and not be in a mad race to earn belts but earn knowledge.

  2. When we come to our dojo to practice, every one of us carries a multitude of problems, negative thoughts and ideas towards various people in our routine surroundings. What a usual person seeks subconsciously, is a vent to expulse all this anger, hatred, jealousy etc. and because of this , the dojo where every person has ample of space and opportunity to fight and practice Kumite seems an ideal place, which should not be the case. SEIDO karate dojo has actually helped us get better of such feelings by providing us a vent and a safeguard as well. When we train and train hard, we lose our focus from hatred and all and focus on the training. Also, subconsciously we are relieving ourselves of our ill-feelings by forcing all that anger and all in our pushups and mock kicks and punches. After that, we do not feel any need to punch each other out or anybody else with whom we had such feelings-all that negativity actually disappears and we start appreciating our effort and hard work. In some other schools of martial arts, we find that sparring is mandatory from day one, which is sometimes detrimental to any student not only as a karateka, but also as a human. However, we in SEIDO start Kumite only at Green Belt level, and so have a much richer emotional content and capacity after years of practice and conditioning of mind which is the biggest progress in itself of any human. NOIDA dodjo has accurately abided by this principle of SEIDO.

  3. Lastly, a new student to any organization, not Karate dojos alone, feels inhibitions and apprehensions when he first joins in. Inhibitions about being able to perform as well as he promised the teacher and himself too, while joining in, and apprehensions about him being accepted by the group of students already existing there. Will they help him or will they mock him; will they appreciate his better performance or will they be jealous of him. But again, the 'Human Aspect of Karate' has prevailed here in our dojo, and I myself have never experienced any issue in seeking help from my Sensei, or other senior students, or even having a leisure chat with any fellow student-a kid or my peer. This is the third progress, which speaks about the principles of SEIDO.

Its for all these reasons that I train and karate provides this satisfaction to me, which can only be experienced. I hope to continue life long with SEIDO karate- be a Pilgrim always.


White Belt

Working in a corporate environment results in its fair share of negative emotions of frustration, anger and anxiety to name a few. Coupled with my sedentary nature of work, these result in a persistent feeling of unease and a wanting to break free. The Karate classes provide me with an avenue to expend all my negative energies and start on a clean mental slate each evening.

One of the cornerstones of martial arts practice – Kata, has helped me in an unexpected field – my workplace. To do a kata properly, I have to get my entire being into the kata, be one with it, so that I can perform the actions without thinking about or consciously executing any of the techniques involved. Even a momentary lapse shows in a missed step or a wrong technique. The practice of kata has taught me complete focus and total absorption in the task at hand. It has taught me to keep my mind from wandering at such times, instead keeping it tight - kime. It has helped me improve my productivity and achieve a lot in a short duration of time professionally.

Seido Karate has also introduced me to the concept of Bushido literally meaning "Way of the Warrior". It is a code of conduct, a way of life which was followed by the samurai - the warrior class in feudal Japan. Bushido encapsulates principles which governed the way a samurai lived and died. The virtues enshrined in Bushido such as rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor and loyalty are timeless in nature and can be followed in any age - be it feudal Japan or the modern world of today.

The practice of karate is a lifelong pursuit and ultimately a way of life. For me, the aim is to advance further on the way during each class - be a little better at the time of leaving the class than I was at the time of entering. And the most important aspect of my practice is on living my karate - applying the principles learned inside the dojo to my life outside.

Kuldip Vikram
2nd Degree Black Belt – First and senior most student at Seido Karate Noida

"Coming form the IT industry background, one loses out on physical fitness and flexibility over period time. But practicing karate with Sensei Rahul has improved my fitness level tremendously. I used to think that Karate was for kids not for 30yr olds like me, but after practicing in Seido noida for the past year, it has shown that person of any age can learn it. Not only has it helped improve both my physical and mental strength, it has also helped one become a better person overall."

Adv. Yellow Belt – Working with One97(A Telecom VAS company)

"Seido karate is a disciplined way of learning the martial art. It helps me to keep myself fit not only physically but mentally also. I am feeling more confident after joining karate class."

"It's very interesting to get trained under Sensei Rahul. His dedication to the art is really appreciated. I love the way he teaches us. He puts his best efforts and dedication to teach us in dojo without wasting even a second in the class. I feel myself lucky to get trained under such good trainer."

"Also the group and the environment of the class are really very good."

Rajesh Saklani
Yellow Belt (Entrepreneur in Web Development and Consulting)

"I reside in Noida and work in Gurgaon. I spend 4 hours a day traveling to and fro. Before joining Seido Karate, when I used to reach home I always felt very tired and lazy. But when I started training I felt much fit and energetic after the class. Since it has been a year and what I have learnt about Karate is that it isn't only a form of martial arts which strengthens person's physical and mental abilities but it also shows us a way of leading a balanced life with control over our body, mind and soul."

Utkarsh Arora
Blue Belt (Consultant Power Engineering)

"I joined the class with the expectation that the class will provide the necessary physical activity to the body to overcome the side affects (like back pain ) which software job brings along . Now after looking back during the past 5 months , i can easily claim that the result has surpassed all my expectations. Lower back pain, which was slowly becoming a part of my life when i joined the class, has now completely vanished and i also feel that my stamina has increased manifold."

"For a software engineer like me whose days work involves sitting at one place, i feel practicing karate provides necessary balance to the lifestyle. It has happened to me many times that i have entered the dojo (training place) with mind cluttered with the frustration of the days work and all the negative thoughts but the physical training and the exercises that one goes through in the class, has relieved all the frustration and stress and made the mind calm and light."

"Apart from the physical training, practicing karate has also given me a feel about how a progress in a field art is made. At times i felt that all the practice and training is not bringing out any result but as times has gone by i realized that it is the very small progress that one makes in each class, accumulates slowly and brings out the necessary changes. This feel has made me more patient towards other things in life as well and has given me a confidence that things do happen, sometimes very slowly, if one spends time and energy on it."

Siddhant Tewari
Adv. Blue Belt (Entrepreneur - Software Development)

It has only been four months since I joined Seido Karate. Before joining the class, my aim was to involve myself in some regular and interesting physical activity. Now, I can say that it has proved to be much more than that. From a discipline point of view, I have been coming to the class regularly thrice a week and try not to miss it. Apart from its physical effect, it has also helped me mentally. The discussions with Sensei about mental and physical conditioning, about the reactions of body to a particular situation and above all how to keep yourself controlled in various situations have been very enriching.

The class is highly recommended to all those professionals like me who spend most of their working time, sitting at one place.

Rohit Sharma
Adv. Blue Belt (Entrepreneur - Software Development)

What I like about the karate class:
Physical fitness & techniques of aggression and self defense are the more visible benefits but more importantly it instills control. Makes the learner mentally and physically strong, steady, and dependable and increases concentration and focus in whatever one is put into.

It teaches fighting without feeling of hatred. Seems like after a while it becomes a way of life with the learner. He gives 100 % to each task, learns to live in the present, and is forbearing towards others. The entire attitude & outlook towards life changes. The learner is able to maintain his calm & work under a lot of pressure.

It is wonderful to watch katas and duels.

In short if I had choice, I would always decide to marry a karateka!

Shubhu Vikram
Adv. White Belt - Senior class, Senpai Kuldip Vikram's wife

"Both my son and daughter have attended the classes regularly for the last three years. Frankly I feel they have gained a lot and as such the class is now a part of their life. The first benefit I can think about is discipline. This attribute at this age has helped the children to be disciplined about the other activities."

"Secondly, I have seen a definite help in development of a positive psyche in the children. Specially in my daughter I saw a sea change from a shy and often scared child to someone who was doing 'Rock climbing - rappelling etc. at the cliffs near Goa at a very young age of eight. I remember in my days in school, we had a daily outside physical activity. Today's children are deprived of such activities and daily dose of karate helps them "Sweat it out" and flex the muscles - something I think is a must for everyone. So I think Seido karate helps my children develop their physical well-being and a strong mental well being as well."

- Ritu Mathur (Mother of Vasundhara and Gautam Mathur)
Advanced Green and Green Belt in Junior Class

"I think Karate as a sport has been good for Rohan. The physical activity involved is great and also very necessary. I think Rohan is very fit, though at home he tends to be a bit lazy!! He seems to enjoy coming to the club to attend the class. We feel that the tests taken to progress to the next level should be tougher so that they do not feel that the test is just a formality and that they are definitely getting the next belt, irrespective of how they perform. I don't think there is anything wrong in failing a child if he is not up to the required level. They should understand both success & failure."

"On the whole, I am very satisfied with Rohan's progress during the class and most importantly, given Rohan's personality, I am happy that he is 'happy' coming to his karate class."

- Nandini Dayal (Mother of Rohan Dayal)
Brown Belt in Junior Class

"Practicing karate for the past 30 months and more, it has meant the following to me: It has helped me keep a commitment - classes are held 4 days a week, which I try not to miss."

"Become a team member - I seek the help of my seniors and when a junior want help, I try to help them."

"Know my limits - both physical & otherwise, which has helped control on emotions to an extent."

"Definitely helped in keeping quite fit physically."

"Helped me meet some wonderful friends even though we don't see each other outside the class."

"Helped me achieve an overall sense of fulfillment and an overall meaning in life."

Rajat Banerji
Green Belt - Senior class

It has been 2.5 years since I joined karate. It has been a wonderful experience. We have worked hard and had some fun along the way. I have no complains as such but I do feel disheartened that the number of students has not increased as much as expected. Though a few students have joined in the past few months, a few have also left, hindering the true growth of the dojo. Another disheartening aspect is the number of females to join a self-defence class, given how unsafe women/ girls are right now. The club should publicize karate, which unfortunately it does not. The initiative of starting fortnightly classes for the orphanage should give us the much needed publicity and push.

I feel sad that I will be at this dojo for only two more months, but I wish sensei and all the students the very best and hope that Seido Noida becomes one of the very best dojos.

Manish Govil

Green Belt

Karate is more than just a recreational activity. The discipline has so much attached to itself, that it is perfectly capable of even transforming lives. The thing I like most about it is how it teaches us to persevere. Even after 100 push ups, there would always be challenge to do 10 more.

Aman Sahni
Advanced Green Belt - Senior Class

Karate has tremendously helped me in all spheres of life. It has helped me become more observant and increased my concentration power. I admire the dedication and hard work of Sensei because he comes to the class in sickness as well as in health. I would like that more girls would participate.

Laksheeta Govil
Green Belt - Senior Class

I find the class very interesting. I like everything about this class. Infact this class has affected me a lot in positive terms like I have become more disciplined than I was 2 years ago. It has helped me to develop my concentration through meditation. The class has made me physically and mentally strong. The two bet things I like about the class are the kumite and the bag practice.

Rahul Senwal
Advanced Yellow belt - Youth Class

I like the karate class because we get to meet new friends and get to be together. I think it is important for me because we learn discipline, we learn to meditate and have a lot of fun!

Vasundhara Mathur
Advanced Green Belt - Junior class

I like the karate class. There are many friends and I like Sensei. I like to do katas, self-defense and kicks. I would like to get to black belt fast. I like to do meditation a little. Sensei is very good at everything.

Rohan Dayal
Brown Belt - Youth Class

The positive aspects or the advantages of joining the class are that we learn to be in 'Discipline' and we also learn to respect each other irrespective of being junior or senior (age wise or rank wise). We do have lots of fun or humour between the classes, which makes it enjoyable. I should not forget to mention that the best part is witnessing Kumite.

I would want everyone to maintain the class atmosphere and the class in the future as it is now!

Urvashi Senwal
Advanced White belt - Senior Class

Karate being good to develop discipline & fitness in kids, we feel very happy about our children being able to practice karate. Self-defense & confidence are other benefits. A very warm and conducive learning environment. Sensei's individual attention to the students.

We are very happy with sensei's warm and affectionate teaching and wish the class even more success and achievements.

Mrs. And Mr. Narayanan
Parents of Ambika and Govind - yellow belts in the junior class

I like the karate class because it is very enjoyable, fun and make lots of new friends in this class. I think that Sensei is a very nice teacher and he always livens up the class. The class is very, very, very interesting when we have self-defense and sparring. In this class however, obedience, respect and love (the principles of Seido Organization) are to be taken very seriously and indiscipline is simply not allowed. The class is also a good place to exercise and to keep fit. I would like to say the class is a wonderful class to be in. it is a good place to learn to defend yourself when you need to.

Ambika Narayanan
Yellow belt - Junior class

I like the karate class because we learn to fight, build discipline and it is very interesting. The rules of our karate school are that we should have love, respect and obedience. I even like it because we have fun doing katas and self-defense. I even enjoy coming here because our master (Sensei) is very nice though he looks dangerous with that beard of his! It is even nice to come here because as new people join, we make new friends. And the best things - rolling and some fun games and when it is someone's birthday, we get to have toffees!!!

Govind Narayanan
Yellow belt - Junior class

The karate class - Karate is to protect ourselves, have discipline and respect for others. In karate we have to keep discipline and concentrate on the things, which we are doing. We have to give respect to others and not to hit badly. I hate when I am not saying the prayer.

Akul Khullar
Blue belt - Junior class

Seido Karate India
Seido Karate India
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